Thursday, June 10, 2010

Police Oral Board Interview - Sample Interview Question and Answer

Here's a sample police interview question for you. Just remember there is no "right" or "wrong" way to answer a scenario base question. Simply use good common sense to come up with a logical response.

Police oral board sample interview question:

1. You are dispatched to a large fight in progress at the neighborhood bar. upon arrival, you observed the fight to still be going on. You instruct the crowd to disperse, and leave the establishment. Everyone complied with your verbal commands except one male subject who appeared agitated. You approach the male, but noticed that the male subject was a lot bigger and a lot stronger than you. You informed the male that he has to leave the bar as he was part of the large fight that just took place, he ignores you.

You tell the male that he has to leave a second time. But this time, he turns and face you with a clinched fist, while advancing towards you. What is your next course of action:

A. Immediately grab a hold of your fireman and shoot the male center mass
B. Walk away and wait for back up
C. Give the male clear verbal commands to stand back, while holding your less lethal weapon in hand
D. Take your chances and engage the male in a fist fight, hoping that you will prevail

The correct answer in this particular scenario is C. You must give the male subject clear verbal commands before using force. If the male fail to comply to your commands and continue walking towards, then you should deploy your non-lethal weapon such as a pepper spray and/or taser to subdue the subject. Just remember that the panel will ask you a followup questions so be prepared to answer accordingly.

In Conclusion - If you want more scenario base questions and detailed answers, visit Police Interview Tips. You can even download an entire manual of the top 100 most commonly asked police interview questions and answers Here.

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